My Favorite Things I Watched During 2022

In no particular order, below are the best TV shows and movies (and one play) that I watched during 2022. Some new! Some very old! Some super obvious and some less so (hopefully)!


Severance – Fantastic, dark – I found it to be so original.

Kate Berlant: Cinnamon in the Wind – I think I’m a lifelong Berlant stan. She is hilarious and smart and. . .seems really nice?

Southern Charm, Season 8 Reunion – I didn’t even watch most of this season’s episodes but damn if this didn’t deliver all of the drama that I could want out of a two-part reunion.- The White Lotus, Season 2 – Obv.

Love Island, Season 1 – I finally gave this show a try, going back to Season 1 (from 2015), and despite it seeming 18 years long (so many episodes… so many recaps), I ate it up. Also learned some British lingo along the way (“crack on with it, mate” is a multi-use phrase, as it turns out!)

Bad Sisters – I LOVE Sharon Horgan and a friend described this show as a being similar to Big Little Lies — with the richly-developed female characters and beautiful houses and clothes — so it was a very easy sell. I really enjoyed it and it (mostly) scratched the itch I’ve been harboring since Catastrophe ended.

The Rehearsal – I was hesitant (weren’t we all?), but I’m 100% on board. I’ve never simultaneously cringed while laughing so hard I thought I might choke.

Station Eleven – This show seemed criminally underrated?!

Jerrod Carmicheal: Rothaniel – Hilarious and surprisingly moving HBO special by a crazy-talented guy.

Euphoria – I binged this show, hard, and enjoyed every minute of it (my therapist seemed slightly concerned when I told him this).

Girls, Season 3, Episode 7 (“Beach House”) – I can’t remember why I re-watched this particular episode (it was probably a reference I saw on Twitter), but I laughed so hard. Love everything about it.

Ralph Fiennes on Watch What Happens Live – This was one of the most enjoyable episodes ever of a show I’ve been watching for years. Something to do with Fiennes’ absurd charm and the fact that he and Andy Cohen are apparently friends in real life led to a great conversation with a lot of interesting tidbits from his long career. I can’t wait to see The Menu.

Bojack Horseman – I’m still behind, thankfully, on this clever, amusing, and unexpectedly deep show so I turn on an episode whenever I don’t know what else to watch.

Barry, Season 3 – I so enjoyed this season of Barry, unsurprisingly. I really, really love this show. I think it shares some qualities with Fleabag (my all-time favorite show): strange, existential, vulnerable, sad, so funny.


Fat Ham – The only play I saw in 2022, at the Public Theater in NYC, and it was fantastic. Never seen anything like it. The playwright, James Ijames, has a play called Good Bones coming to DC’s Studio Theater later this year that I definitely hope to catch.



Parenthood – This was a rewatch for me after many years. This movie just warms my heart; it’s like a tasty and comforting after school snack.

Goodfellas – File this under “obviously,” but I enjoyed this movie way more than I thought possible. Lorraine Bracco is a FORCE.

Bodies Bodies Bodies – I totally would’ve missed this movie had I not heard one of its actors, Lee Pace, on my favorite podcast, How Long Gone. So funny and fun and creepy and deliciously Gen Z.

Decision to Leave – Beautiful and very affecting.

Vengeance – Saw this in theaters and laughed out loud. Super smart. Another one I likely would’ve missed had I not heard B.J. Novak promoting it on How Long Gone.

– Synecdoche, New York – Bizarre as only Charlie Kaufman can do. I’m so happy that I waited this long to see this movie – I was enthralled and I think that had something to do with my particular age at present.

Heartburn – I thoroughly enjoyed this Nora Ephron movie (she wrote both the screenplay and the book on which its based). I listened to the fantastic biography of Mike Nichols, who directed Heartburn, last spring and it made me want to watch. As a bonus, it’s always fun for me to see DC depicted among the millions of NYC-based films.

The Tree of Life – This beautiful philosophical Terrence Malick movie had me in a bit of a trance for days.

My Dinner with Andre – My dad has been talking about this movie my whole life and now that I’ve finally watched it, I see why. Months later I’m still contemplating different parts of the winding conversation that is the heart of the film.

The Worst Person in the World – Okay I lied only about this one not being in order – I saved the best for last. This Norwegian film was my favorite thing I watched all year. Called a “sprawlingly novelistic film,” I loved it so much that we had one of the songs from the soundtrack as our “entrance” song for our wedding reception (that being Bad Feeling by Cobra Man). Renate Reinsve is a revelation. I have a hunch that I’ll be regularly revisiting this one for years to come.

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