For anyone not watching the second season of White Lotus, I gently suggest moving the rock/getting out from under, etc. Perhaps third to the dialogue and to the setting, there are so many amazing costume choices. I also really recommend this piece in Harper’s Bazaar by the inimitable Rachel Tashjian which articulates the specific genius of the show’s costume designer.

A few IDs are below: (1) the necklace that Daphne (my favorite character who has my favorite wardrobe) frequently wears and which keeps catching my eye (related, I think, to the fact that it is “white diamonds and white pearl nestled in a bed of 18K yellow gold,” in the words of the designer); (2) the kinda funky, kinda staid dress worn by Harper in episode 5, by a company I’d never heard of (and which is ID’ed in Tashjian’s article), and (3) a terry cloth shirt worn by Essex f*ck boi with vulnerable side Jack in episode 5, which was easy for me to ID because a very cool guy in my household owns it!

I’m going to miss this show after the finale airs on Sunday, after which I will need a new Gen Z person’s wardrobe to lovingly loathe.

Meghann Fahy as Daphne, HBO
LunaFlo London – Shooting Star Necklace
Aubrey Plaza as Harper, HBO
My Beachy Side – The White Lotus Marin Mini Dress in White
Leo Woodall as Jack, HBO
Dandy Del Mar – The Gaucho Terry Cloth Shirt in Vintage Navy

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