A few months ago I gave up coffee while doing the 21-day Clean Program in preparation for my wedding, replacing it with matcha, and I haven’t gone back. You know how annoying it is when people make the switch and then go on and on about how they, like, don’t even want coffee anymore and their afternoon slumps are gone (!) and they just feel so much better?? Well . . .

I’ve since tried a number of brands of matcha but once I tried the Ancient Elixirs Superfood Matcha, the switching was over. It has a delicious, sort of vanilla flavor that doesn’t need much sweetener at all, and I really look forward to it each morning. I mix the powder with a little hot water and then add frothed almond milk and a little powder stevia. It makes me feel energetic in a great way (it has 135mg of caffeine per serving so it’s not exactly relying on vibes only). Definitely recommend if coffee is making you sweaty and anxious (speaking for a friend).

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