Gucci Westman, from “How to Make Fresh Almond Milk at Home,” on Westman Atelier’s YouTube

Gucci Westman seems to have the best basic / classic pieces – Totême and Celine sweaters, Nili Lotan striped tops, Chanel slingbacks, impeccably tailored jeans. For whatever reason her YouTube tutorial “How to Make Fresh Almond Milk at Home” had me really hankering for the simple light gray hoodie she is wearing while blending almonds and dates in a beautiful kitchen. I settled on a Men’s one from Hanes that looks very similar, and, per one of my favorite Strategist columns “What XYZ Can’t Live Without,” apparently Ashley Benson, uh, can’t live without the same Hanes hoodie in black for travel.

Hanes – Men’s Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie in Ash, on Walmart

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