Not on My List for Santa

No shade intended here but sometimes it’s good to give yourself credit for the things you wanted and fully considered and on which you ultimately opted not to pull the trigger. I was thinking about this recently after listening to Lauren Santo Domingo on Sara and Erin Foster’s podcast (I found it fascinating to hear her speak and get a taste of her personality, after following her via images only for years). Santo Domingo mentioned a few style items that are “out,” so to speak, and one she mentioned was the tailored blazer, saying that people were having a hard time “giving up [the] structured blazer,” specifically the kind that “dip in at the waist” or that are “double-breasted,” and instead that “now we’re doing oversized” and/or “boxy” (recommending one of the oversized blazers from The Frankie Shop). I realized the beautiful Smythe blazer that I wanted for years did seem a bit dated at this point (still beautifully made! And I’m sure it will come back). A few other items I’m pleased are not sitting in my closet: the Chloé Susanna boots, which I wanted for a long time. I just don’t love the look anymore and I don’t think they’re as versatile as I once did. Also, speaking of podcasts, Morgan Stewart McGraw was recently on Call Her Daddy and she said ankle boots are unflattering on everyone. Okay then! The Anine Bing Highland sunglasses are an item I considered getting fairly recently until I read a lot of negative reviews (along the lines of, these feel like lenses in sunglasses you get from CVS). I got a similar pair from Krewe which were more expensive but seem like great quality and which have a smaller lens so I think they look less trendy than the Highlands. Lastly, the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots. I thought about buying these every winter season for what felt like years and now – no thank you.

Smythe – Rifle-Patch Wool Plaid Equestrian Blazer in Cobalt Plaid, on Neiman Marcus
Chloé – Susanna Studded Leather Ankle Boots in Black, on Saks Fifth Avenue
Anine Bing – Highland Sunglasses in Gold, on Revolve
Stuart Weitzman – 5050 boots in Black, on Stuart Weitzman

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