ID – Demi Moore on her 60th

Photo from Demi Moore’s Instagram

Demi Moore, looking pretty cool on her 60th birthday. The beanie and t-shirt are exact IDs (I have a niche fixation on identifying clothes. Love the hunt!)

I like the simplicity of her black fleece; it’s hard to find a fleece without a million plastic zippers or contrasting patches or oversized labels. I’m not sure from where hers is (failure comes for us all) but in searching I came across this nice one from a brand I’d not previously known: Napapijri.

Peruvian Connection – Soelden Baby Alpaca Beanie in Lava Orange, on Peruvian Connection
FHairplay by Rebecca Lafont - #David T-Shirt, on FHairplay
FHairplay by Rebecca Lafont – #David T-Shirt, on FHairplay
Napapijri – High-Neck Fleece Jacket, on Farfetch

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